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Depression disorder can cause symptoms (sadness, anxiety, decreased energy, etc.) that impact how an individual feels, thinks, and handles daily activities such as sleeping, eating, or working.


Anxiety disorders involve more than temporary worry or fear—and their symptoms can interfere with daily activities such as job performance, school work, and relationships.Anxiety disorders involve more than temporary worry or fear—and their symptoms can interfere with daily activities such as job performance, school work, and relationships.


Trauma disorders involve an event(s) and occurrence that are distressing to the individual and cause a psychological and emotional impact.


Addiction or substance use disorders are psychological and/or physical dependence on alcohol or other drugs. Other forms of addiction may include gambling, gaming, sexual addictions, and more.


Grief is most commonly discussed concerning the death of a loved one; however, grief can be experienced following any major change.

Child Behavior Modification

Behavior modification are techniques used to alleviate negative behaviors and improve children’s interpersonal skills (communication) with families, school, and community settings.


LGBTQIA+ related issues can explore gender identity or expression, gender dysphoria, queer questioning, managing anxiety & depression, and dealing with discrimination or bullying.

Gender Specific Issues

Women may experience these illnesses differently – certain symptoms may be more common in women than in men, and the course of the illness can be affected by the sex of the individual.

Adolescent Issues

Children & teens with issues that interfere with daily life at home and at school, or with friends, benefit from early treatment to prevent more severe, lasting problems as a child grows up.

Family Issues

Families can improve communication, resolve conflicts and learn skills to deepen family connections and get through stressful times.



Educational webinars discuss unique issues of the BIPOC community and promote a sense of belongingness for isolated individuals. Additionally, mental health providers can obtain CEUs from clinical experts.

These videos are from our former practice, Our Village Services. Our Village Services is now 1st Step Counseling Services.

Employee Wellness Program

Wellness programs are provided to improve morale and increase productivity. The program can include promoting all aspects of employee health, including nutrition, fitness, stress management, drug & alcohol counseling, and illness prevention.


Counseling helps individuals take control of their life and understand their moods, feelings, thoughts, and behaviors. Counseling is also known as talk therapy, psychotherapy, or therapy.

Group Therapy

Group therapy may be used along with individual counseling and can last 60-120 minutes per group. Clients have a place to share their problems or concern, gain insight into their issues, and learn from a peer.

Court Assessments

Comprehensive assessment to meet mandates (e.g. impaired driver, family court, school) include biopsychosocial assessment, mental health history, collateral (other sources of information) interview, alcohol/substance use history, and screening tool.

Consulting & Coaching

Support services for behavioral health providers interested in starting a private practice. We will focus on assistance with creating a legal therapy business, managing financials, selecting a setting, introduction to record keeping, essential marketing, cost, and more. Coaching focuses on helping private practice owners become better leaders and lead effective businesses.

Speaking Engagements

Professional speakers are available for speaking engagements on expertise areas including keynotes, panel discussions, training facilitation, and lectures.